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Tuesday 30 May 2017
Terms and Conditions

We have put together these Terms and Conditions to make sure you understand what is involved once you have become a member of the TIME Opinion Leaders' Panel.

TIME Opinion Leaders' Panel Membership

  • To become a TIME Opinion Leaders member you must complete and submit the registration questionnaire that is located on the TIME Opinion Leaders' homepage or by clicking on "Register". The TIME Opinion Leaders' Panel is made up of select readers and subscribers of TIME magazine.


  • TIME Opinion Leaders is run by MindMover, an independent market research agency based in London, U.K.. Please click here to find out more information about MindMover.
  • MindMover ensures that the personal details you provide on the registration questionnaire (such as your first name, last name and e-mail address) are held in a secure database that cannot be accessed by anyone not directly involved in managing the TIME Opinion Leaders' Panel.
  • Any information you provide, either on the registration questionnaire or subsequent questionnaires, is confidential and will not be sent on to any third parties except in rare cases where you have given your consent to the contrary.
  • Personal information (e.g. sex, age, income) you provide to us through completing a questionnaire will be reported in aggregate form only; this means your name will not appear alongside any information you give us when it is passed on to TIME.
  • You will not be sold or marketed to in any way by TIME, MindMover or any other party as a result of information you provide during the time you participate on the TIME Opinion Leaders' Panel except in cases where you give consent to the contrary.


  • Cookies are used sparingly and only for validation and to prevent bothersome repeat surveying.
  • You can configure your Browser to notify you when cookies are being placed on your computer. You can also delete cookies by adjusting your browser settings.
  • No permanent Cookies are used - only session Cookies which expire as soon as you close your Internet Browser
  • For information on checking and enabling your browser cookie settings, click here

Laws and Guidelines

  • MindMover follows the requirements of the following laws and codes
    • Data Protection Act 1998 (Registration Z461462X)
    • Market Research Society (MRS) Code of Conduct
    • ESOMAR (European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research) International Code of Marketing and Social Research Practice

Contact from TIME Opinion Leaders

  • You will receive regular questionnaires as a TIME Opinion Leaders' member, however you will never be contacted more than 10 times a year (you will usually be contacted once a month or less).
  • Your participation on all questionnaires is voluntary and as such you may end your participation at any time.
  • You can unsubscribe from TIME Opinion Leaders at any time by visiting the website at www.timeopinionpanel.com and following the instructions.
  • As a TIME Opinion Leaders' member you may request help from MindMover with technical or research related queries. MindMover will only address such queries where a member has specifically requested help. MindMover will not ask third parties to reply to the respondent on their behalf. Please click here for help.